Molesey Hospital – update!

As many of you know, Surrey Downs Clinical Consulting Group have been undertaking consultation on community hospitals, and there has been a very real threat hanging over Molesey Hospital, as one of the possible options was for the hospital to be closed and services moved to Cobham.

A vocal local campaign has been fought and many people have attended the public meetings, filled out questionnaires and petitions etc.

The Governing Body meets on Friday 29th July in Leatherhead to take a decision – and the meeting will be held in public, even though it is not a public meeting as such – the public can attend and observe.

Details of Meeting and venue

The proposal that has gone to the Governing Body can be accessed here:

Outcomes paper and Recommendations

The positive news is that the recommended option DOES NOT involve closure of Molesey Hospital  – and might even lead to investment and provision of primary care services on the site. BUT – this is just a recommendation. The Governing Body can choose to ignore the recommendation. The Report makes it clear that the amount of support from local people for Molesey Hospital to remain has been key in getting the message across. East Elmbridge was disproportionate in responding to the consultation.

So if you have some free time on Friday and can get to Leatherhead, think about whether you can go along to hear the Governing Body deliberate and make their decision. And hopefully be able to support their decisions – assuming that they go along with the recommendation and keep Molesey Hospital open!

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